The Affordable Alternative to Boat Ownership :

Yachtfinders Global has created an intelligent alternative to conventional boat ownership for those owners with too little time to enjoy their boat to the fullest. It’s called Fractional Boat Ownership.

How Does it Work?

With fractional boat ownership you purchase either a half, third or a quarter share in one of our luxury boats which entitles you to a shared use on an annual basis. The beauty of fractional boat ownership is that it will only cost you either a half, third or quarter of the full price and all the associated ongoing costs and you still get to use your boat as much as a sole owner. Yachtfinders Global provides a comprehensive contract making Boat Ownership smooth sailing!

Make no Mistake

  • This is not timesharing a boat but sharing the expense of ownership. Unlike timeshare concepts, each owner actually owns the boat and gets to use it when it suits.
  • When you only use something for less than a ¼ of the time why own 100% of it?
  • You can look at it two ways – either get a lot more boat for your money, or spend a lot less money for your boat!
  • If this kind of boat ownership sounds like it may suit your lifestyle more than conventional ownership, speak to us today to find out more.
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