Buying a boat offshore is an attractive option. This does not suit all boat buyers and neither does it provide for all types and models of boats. But excellent opportunities are plentiful, and we are the experts in this field. It costs the same to use us as it does using a foreign broker for offshore purchases. The difference is – we provide protection and create a smooth passage throughout the process!

We take the mystery of buying a boat offshore, we do it every day!

Thousands of Boats

It’s not always possible to find the boat of your dreams in your local marina. At Yachtfinders Global we really are the specialists in locating the right boat for you, whether it’s local or overseas. One phone call or an email to our global network and you will have upwards of 40 international brokers working on finding your boat – and at no cost to you!

  • Shipping– Typically our shipping includes ‘water to water’ transfer and cradle – this means no haul-out/dry dock or cradle expenses for the buyer. Your boat is hoisted from the water at the point of departure and lowered back into the water at the port of arrival – from the transport ship!
  • Global Network– We have agents worldwide with top of the range brokerage listings who will help find the right boat for you; this means more resources at your disposal, working for you!
  • Processes– We can submit a written offer, subject to satisfactory sea trial and survey (recommended) on your behalf
  • Inspection– On agreement of a sale price we can make travel arrangements and have one of our agents accompany you for an inspection of the yacht, or if inspection is not possible, we will arrange for direct contact with a qualified and independent surveyor to undertake a sea trial and survey
  • Documentation– After the sea trial and survey you can make an acceptance or conditional acceptance based on any defects found, or renegotiate the price. If the purchase is subject to certain conditions we can organise for repair or maintenance work to be carried out either overseas prior to delivery or locally after delivery
  • Agreement – We document a formal Sale and Purchase Agreement, monitor and report back to you as the purchase progresses
  • Payment – The transfer of monies is made through Yachtfinders Global Ltd’s trust account (available in different currencies) and on the closing date will be distributed to the seller and broker
  • Title– We handle all title transfers of the boat to your name
  • Insurance – have you ever tried to insure a boat offshore? It’s something we do on a regular basis, we know who to contact for the best rates and the best service.
  • Fees– Our sales fees are paid by the Vendor and not by the Buyer
  • Costs – We can arrange competitive quotes and organise Shipping, Insurance and Commissioning on your behalf. There is more to buying a boat offshore than meets the eye.
  • Importing-We can advise on import duties for various countries and can set up offshore companies, should you wish to register your boat elsewhere.
  • Contact us for some self delivery options – Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific.

27 years’ experience

A few more things you may want to consider when choosing the yacht/boat broker you deal with;

  • It costs no more to use us for your offshore purchase than it does going through an offshore broker. No matter where the boat is, you can use us to make an offer, purchase and delivery.
  • You have a huge advantage having in using Yachtfinders Global who is fully aware of the pitfalls in offshore buying. So why would you attempt it on your own?
  • Over 27 years experience in the purchase, commissioning, shipping, delivering, importing and servicing of hundreds of boats around the world.
  • We are recognised as the leading experts in offshore boat markets, to the point Government agencies look to us for advice
  • We have our own professional personnel around the globe to oversee offshore commissioning, shipping, delivery crews, provisioning and Overseas Delivery preparations
  • We have dedicated yacht transporters globally for land and sea transport of all sizes of boats.

There Are Pitfalls Doing it Yourself

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……..more than a brokerage