Is it a power catamaran or an apartment? Well, it’s the best of both worlds combined!

It had to be comfortable, spacious, easy to handle, seaworthy, efficient, easy to maintain, innovative, unique and personalised at the same time – a design that combines all the aspects of a power catamaran and a modern apartment.
Why a power catamaran? Stability (seaworthiness), better cruising speeds, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability (twin engines + thrusters), comfort at anchorage, living-aboard aspects and more…

Why an apartment? Internal volume, comfort, large living spaces, headroom, one floor level throughout, home appliances and a one-of-a-kind flybridge space comparable to a super yacht!

Project Overblue sets a new standard of life on water. This innovative concept overturns the concept of a traditional home and puts living in the classical sense up for discussion, presenting a new dynamic and contemporary vision. It creates a completely new lifestyle and offers owners the choice to change their back yard at a moment’s notice!
Overblue was designed in collaboration with a well-established designer and architect Stefano Nolletti of the Foschi & Nolletti studio.

It is a result of long time experience and passion for boating as well as good analytical approach towards the market where the trend demonstrates that people today are seeking comfort, safety, innovation, efficiency as well as adventure – all combined in one product.

Overblue offers all the comforts of the modern home, an ability to cruise in all conditions, innovative solutions, ease of maintenance, eco-friendly and competitively priced.