2024 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Congratulations! After four days of well-organized, diligent, and dedicated work by Terry, Ben, and the staff, the Selene 6610 and Selene 4945 had an outstanding showcase at the 2024 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Numerous visitors and prospects boarded the yachts, giving us highly positive feedback and praise for the design and quality. Several promising potential customers are highly interested, likely resulting in new orders!

JTM Shipyard’s Project Managers, Candy and Arina, also attended the show. They were instrumental in engaging with new and returning customers, many of whom extended their regards to Howard. Gary Erceg from Selene New Zealand was also present, and there are promising prospects for synergy and cooperation between Selene New Zealand and Selene Australia, fostering a strong team and a win-win strategy.

Candy and Arina took the opportunity to visit other brand boats, including Nordhavn, Fleming, Horizon FD, Riviera, Princess, Grand Banks, and Palm Beach, learning from these experiences. Selene is proudly among the top brands in the world.

Today, the two Selene boats return to their base marina with Candy and Arina on board. This will allow Terry to demonstrate the exceptional performance of the Selene 6610 and 4945.

Following the fabulous Trawler Fest in Anacortes, USA, this event marks another successful marketing promotion for Selene Yachts. The next event will be the Cannes Boat Show, with Howard Chen and Candy in attendance. It’s a fantastic time for Selene to shine with its remarkable team!