Extreme luxury and liveability – comfortable, innovative, technological and spacious, all providing ‘comfortable luxury’ aboard and a step above the rest.

Make your yachting experience Absolute: This has always been the ambitious goal behind the construction of each of the yachts. The construction process hinges on the shipyard’s vision and manages to make your navigation experience genuinely Absolute.


Absolute Yachts produces luxury boats devised, designed, and built entirely within its shipyard. Therefore, its engineers and artisans can be highly responsiveness and efficient. These characteristics are the basis of the renowned qualities of Absolute’s boats: innovation, attention to detail, practicality, firmness, and reliability. At Absolute, they develop these elements considering the shipowners, their lives on board, and the essential balance between luxury, comfort, and maximum functionality.

Providing comfortable luxury

Making possible what they have devised is at the heart of their philosophy. When dealing with an unprecedented, arduous challenge, they know how to find surprising, successful solutions.

The Absolute mission, which has gained international recognition and awards, is about offering boats capable of expressing an increasingly high level of comfortable luxury. This is a stimulus for the whole market and the Absolute shipyard as it sets a new ambitious challenge. Such a high level of innovation influences forms and design, raw materials and their processing, and the concept of luxury, which is exceptionally cozy aboard an Absolute yacht.

This is how the most refined and authentic Italian style finds an optimal balance with the concept of liveability. The team does not select and design the rooms and the construction elements just for the sake of it. Everything has a functional purpose for the shipowner without ever giving up on the elegance a luxury yacht should express.

Therefore, the shipyard is a fertile ground for extraordinary innovations, such as the original ISS System that allows an incredible view through large windows without pillars aboard the yachts. The 360-degree panorama will make you feel surrounded by nature, still offering complete privacy.

The open-minded engineering and harmonious design that inspire their works set no limits and offer features usually present on bigger luxury boats. For instance, the side door next to the steering station on all the models provides perfect access to the bridge from the driving helm and vice versa. Another example is the presence of an actual Beach Club aboard the Navetta 64 or even the shipowners’ quarters and guest cabins with their extraordinary size and height, all elegantly refined.

Luxury boats: when comfort enhances freedom.

Absolute offers comfort and liveability on board their luxury boats at anchor and during navigation. Moreover, for both the shipowner and their guests, their full manoeuvrability and high level of safety fear no rivals.

The driving helms are ergonomic and modern, with all the necessary equipment to navigate with total autonomy. For example, the electrical panels can be quickly inspected near the driver’s seat. Furthermore, their large windshield ensures maximum visibility during navigation.

We design and realise the technologies in collaboration with their partners. Leading luxury boat industry companies find Absolute the ideal partner for developing their pioneering innovations.

Luxury as safety and comfort

One of the most important aspects of navigation is safety for the shipowner and their guests. Aboard Absolute yachts, guests can move quickly from the stern to the bow using wide walkways and ergonomic handrails at the perfect height. Moreover, they can relax on the flybridge and sunbathe with the captain since the piloting area has comfortable sofas.

In addition, each room has furniture with rounded corners. At the same time, electrical panels, engine rooms, and technical areas have been developed with the utmost accuracy, guaranteeing Absolute control of the yacht.