A new Selene 62 Ocean Explorer

The Selene Explorer line welcomes a new amazing yacht: the Selene 62 Ocean Explorer. The yacht falls in a new category leaning toward perfection in terms of interior space, elegance and last but not least, value for money! With its partially or wholly enclosed upper deck, it can offer an exciting new configuration with a sky lounge and even a captain’s cabin with a private head, allowing for a crew of three if necessary with the existing crew quarter for two in the transom. Of course, as shown on the preliminary drawings, this upper helm can also be kept semi-enclosed with an open access to the boat deck aft. The owner’s lifestyle will tell what layout is best…

The lower levels of the Selene 62 Ocean Explorer can be very similar to the general arrangement of the Classic Explorer 62 but the helm section on the main deck may also be turned into a very elegant dining room looking forward with a large open-plan galley, allowing for a much larger saloon with a wide door opening to the cockpit and even a private study! 

As usual the interior layout and decoration may be adjusted to the owner’s lifestyle and needs. Customisation is one of the hallmarks of Selene yachts! All Selene yachts are different and the flexibility allowed serves well for owners who, in this changing world, intend to live and work from their floating home….