A Selene crew delivers a new 42 Voyager Sedan

It may be frustrating for yacht builders to see a boat they have built for several months leaving for ever the shipyard without having the opportunity to enjoy sailing it at least for a few hours… Last week, on February 25, 2022, Howard Chen, the CEO of Selene Yachts has decided to change the rules… A team of Selene workers has embarked on a six-hour exhilarating trip from the shipyard’s dock to the neighbouring port of Xiyu where a brand new beautiful Selene 42 Voyager Sedan was wrapped in a white protection canvas and loaded on the large freight ship which will deliver the new vessel to her happy owner.

“The crew sailed along the Zhuhai region rivers and the North China Sea in a constantly developing part of the province where large and impressive bridges are being built. It was an exciting experience for the team of engineers and builders to see the powerful John Deere 180 HP engine at work at the cruise speed of 8.5 knots as well as the new JIWU Gyro stabilizer made in China which has kept the boat stable for more than three hours when the crew had to deal with a rather choppy sea at the mouth of the river.” Full story here >>