Absolute 47 Fly – The Perfect Yacht For Your Family Awaits!

Experience the Ultimate Yachting Experience with the Absolute 47 Fly

As you know Yachtfinders Global recently went on a trip to Italy to visit the Annual Absolute Dealers meeting. so we thought we would share an Absolute 47 Fly that was reviewed in Italy.

A picturesque Italian test of the Absolute 47 Fly gave us the perfect backdrop to test this flybridge marvel. With Europe basking under a heatwave, the yacht proved its mettle under challenging conditions.

As we sailed smoothly from the marina basin, the yacht showcased its resilience. This specific Absolute 47, designed for North American shores, gracefully navigated through the waters. The burst of breeze as we revved the engines provided a refreshing break from the searing heat.

What was remarkable about this yacht was the craftsmanship from those who understand the power of the IPS. The twin 480hp IPS650s are its powerhouses, and while it may not race across the waters, its 28.2 knots peak speed (even with nearly empty tanks) ensures smooth cruising.

Its efficient design rewards higher revs, and it gracefully navigates waters at its efficient pace of 25 knots, once it surpasses the displacement pace.

While the Absolute 47 Fly is not the kind to carve aggressive turns, its helm’s ergonomic design is pure artistry. Both upper and lower helms are designed for optimum comfort and accessibility. Features like a comfortable seat at the upper helm, well-placed Garmin chart-plotter, and the perfectly positioned IPS joystick ensure seamless navigation

The Absolute 47 stands tall, boasting phenomenal headroom throughout its interior. It’s impressive how it feels incredibly spacious, considering it’s under 50ft. Clever design choices like sliding doors, ingenious space utilization, and the master cabin’s strategic positioning make it a masterpiece.

Natural light floods into the spaces, thanks to its expansive hull windows. Even the details like plush carpets, ambient lighting, and robust door handles add to its luxurious feel. The ensuite master cabin is not just about aesthetics; it’s functional with ample storage, making it an owner’s dream.

The guest cabins are equally noteworthy, sharing space amidships. They’re spacious, well-lit, and designed with precision.

The main deck’s aft galley layout proves ideal, especially with an electric window that turns into a mini-bar facing the cockpit. Attention to detail is evident in the design of the storage solutions, ensuring everything has a place.

As we move outdoors, the foredeck offers another comfortable space for guests, providing both sunbathing and shaded options. Designed for owner-operators, the yacht’s wide decks and tall guardrails make it easy to navigate. The side door on the main deck also ensures easy access for the skipper.

Our Verdict: The Absolute 47 Fly, with its clever design choices and emphasis on comfort and usability, proves to be an excellent yacht for families or couples looking to entertain guests. It’s a versatile yacht that ensures every journey is memorable. The yacht seamlessly combines beauty, power, and luxury. And here’s the best part: we have one available for purchase right now! Don’t miss out on owning this marvelous yacht.

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