Absolute 60 Fly, here’s the yacht that will change the market

New Absolute 60 Fly Sea Trial: the innovative content of this yacht is amazing

The innovative spirit that drives Absolute Yachts never sleeps. Less than a year has passed since the presentation of the Navetta 64 – a boat that has literally shaken up the market with its stern beach club – and now the shipyard plays a new trump card with the new Absolute 60 Fly.

The new model brings no less than four innovations, once again changing the rules of a market that now seems increasingly resigned to chasing the irrepressible impetus that animates all the novelties from the Podenzano-based boatyard.

The terraced cockpit of the Absolute 60 Fly

Did you ever think that all flybridges have more or less the same aft cockpit design? It’s also a bit of a misconception because you sit at the table looking at the inside of the boat instead of the ever-changing panorama offered by the sea.

Well, from today, thanks to a simple yet effective idea, the new 60 Fly by Absolute Yachts definitively solves this problem.


Absolute 60 Fly cockpit

the shipyard has simply reversed the position of the sofas, which are, by the way, ingenious and modular, and, thanks to a glass handrail, has freed the view from the stern, which can now run free and undisturbed towards the landscapes that the most beautiful anchorages offer.

In case you need more privacy when moored in the port, a system of retractable electric curtains, of the “see-through” type, appears in a fraction of a second, removing you from the prying eyes of passers-by, who, needless to say, will stop to admire the beauty of this new boat.

Master Cabin

Absolute 60 Fly master cabinIn recent years, most boatyards have accustomed us to giving up a privileged elevated view, with the justification that the master cabin had to be positioned amidships. Unfortunately, however, the width of the windows was inevitably reduced (unless you’re on a 30-metre yacht) and, even if you wanted to look out, at 20 centimetres from the water surface the view wasn’t exactly exciting. In port, needless to say, the only view visible from a cabin positioned low down is the one depicting the hull and the neighbour’s fenders.

Absolute, instead, has upset the architecture of the interior spaces and brought the Master Cabin back to the bow side without sacrificing the space to which the owner’s cabin is rightly entitled. This magic was made possible by lengthy 3D modelling studies which, thanks to the innovative bowline and the positioning of the head forward, make it possible to free up a larger space that is completely imperceptible from the outside.

Absolute-60-Fly-master-CabinAs a result, coming down the stairs from the main deck to the sleeping area, I finally find the master cabin in its former position, dazzling the eyes of those who enter and see it for the first time. Two huge windows cover the walls and expand the sense of space well beyond their natural boundaries while in the middle, surrounded by an exaggerated walkway, there is a king-size bed of two meters on each side which, just to convey the size of the beam at this point, can also accommodate two normal-sized bedside tables and a desk/boiserie resting on the starboard side.

At the foot of the owner’s bed, crowning the two side corridors, are two generous pieces of furniture while, on the left, is the head (a real room), which offers an extraordinary linear development and obviously houses a separate double shower box.

But that’s not all because, curious as ever, I walk around the perimeter of the bed and discover a door which, once opened, reveals the existence of a large walk-in wardrobe, a real touch of genius on the part of the designer who, by inserting it in a negative quota, gives an extra room to this cabin without sacrificing a single centimetre of space and design.

The side-decks of Absolute 60 Fly

Absolute-Yachts-navigationAnd here, honestly, I have to admit that if it hadn’t been pointed out to me, I wouldn’t have noticed it either, but if you look at one of the photos from the top of this yacht, you’ll see that both walkways are covered for a good part of their development.

This is incredible if you think that from the side views you can’t see them at all.

The covered side-deck is a refinement usually reserved for superyachts and, until now, was achieved by using side supports which, apart from making it necessary to be a tightrope walker to bring the transom to the bow (unless you are the extensible man from the fantastic 4), certainly made the side view of the boat less appealing.

The silence-giving Hard Top

What if I told you that with the new Absolute 60 Fly you can stay at anchor without the annoying hum of the generator? Of course, we’ll have to do without air conditioning, but who really needs it at anchor?

Absolute Yachts has created a technologically advanced system that, thanks to the solar panels positioned on the Hard Top, delivers around 1.5 kW of current. This is more than enough power to run all the onboard systems, including the refrigerator, without affecting the capacity of the onboard batteries. A software control centre, accessible from the many onboard displays, also allows you to monitor all the power absorbed, making it easy to manage your energy balance.

A useful and eco-friendly innovation, designed for those who love to enjoy the sea with comfort and, above all, silence.

How the new Absolute 60 Fly is made

Absolute-60-Fly-VIP-cabinWith this new boat, Absolute Yachts is going even further in terms of construction quality. The woods, leathers, furnishings and all the components are of the highest level, you only have to touch them to realise it.

Space engineering is unparalleled. This 18.66-metre yacht manages to offer the surfaces and volumes that are usually only found on much larger yachts and, just for the record, we are referring to yachts of at least 70 feet in length.

An example? The VIP cabin is actually a second Master. It also has a king-size bed, a private head with a separate shower and a large window at the head of the cabin. A third cabin, with twin beds and a private bathroom, completes the lower deck sleeping area.

Absolute-60-Fly-bowBut the other big surprise is the crew’s double cabin which, equipped with a toilet, shower and washing machine, contains everything you could possibly need on a cruise. It has its own private entrance and is simply huge and, I’m willing to bet, the owner’s children will immediately make it their private home, free to come and go without being “caught” by their parents.

On the upper deck, the fly area actually creates a huge second open-air salon that looks out over the surrounding landscape without any boundaries. This is an area for living and featuring a galley, dining area and relaxation area, with elegant design lines, colour contrasts and pleasant finishes. This is also where the second driving console is located, also at a high technological level, surrounded by another large sundeck.

main deckThe bow area has also been designed for maximum versatility of use and, thanks to its Portuguese deck layout, offers two opposing sofas with a table and an immense sunbathing area that still leaves plenty of room for mooring and anchoring.

A privileged area where you can listen to music and chat in complete privacy, day and night.

The Main Deck starts from the stern dinette and develops, without steps or interruptions, along the entire length of the boat.

A rich and refined environment where the shipyard is able to offer multiple furnishing configurations, able to satisfy practically all needs.

Absolute 60 Fly Sea Trial

Sailing onboard the Absolute 60 Fly, especially when driven from the Fly, is pure pleasure. The hull cuts through the waves without apparent effort and the boat sails stably, even at idle, at 5 knots.

As we accelerate, the speed gradually increases as the boat goes from displacement to planing, which, confirming the excellent hull features, occurs at a speed of just 12.2 knots, while the Absolute 60 Fly, unharmed by any bow lifting phenomenon, simply continues to sail.

The IPS push (or rather “pulls”) powerfully and the boat reaches 20/22 knots in the blink of an eye. At this speed, the fuel consumption is just 9 l/nm, which is very little for a boat of this size.


I decide to push the throttles all ahead and, instantly, the speed indicator starts to rise again. Once we’ve reached the maximum speed, I try to fine-tune it and get just under 30 knots, which is a really interesting speed for a yacht like this.

There are many possible cruising speeds, which can be adjusted according to our haste and sea conditions. They range from 14/15 knots, which allows you to tackle rough seas with ease, to 24/25 for faster transfers. In any case, at any speed, the magic of the IPS allows constant consumption between 9 and 10 l/nm.

Then, even though I know I’m not on a speedboat, I risk a series of tight turns, all performed at maximum speed and …. and nothing, the Absolute 60 Fly doesn’t bend, she tilts and remains on an imaginary track, stable and safe.

A simply amazing hull.