Featuring IPS engines on all boats, Absolute Yachts is the first shipyard to provide the new Volvo Penta Assisted Docking system on its entire range.

Absolute and it’s engine supplier Volvo Penta build on their long-standing partnership to offer boat owners around the world the Assisted Docking system, the latest innovation launched by the famous Swedish manufacturer in 2021.

By collaborating with the leading manufacturer of high-end engines, Absolute is now the only shipyard in the world currently able to offer the new system on its entire range of boats, from 47 to 73 feet, for Navetta, Fly and Coupé categories, equipped with Volvo IPS 10 | 15 | 20 | 30 engines and with the new Assisted Docking technology.

Always at the forefront of innovative, high-performance solutions, Volvo Penta has launched Assisted Docking to address the dual need to improve ease of use and safety.

The new technology was created to make docking easier and safer regardless of environmental conditions and the owner’s years of experience. Featuring innovative software that coordinates engine electronics, positioning, IPS propulsion and sensors, the system automatically interprets and automates the captain’s intentions, compensating for dynamic variables such as wind and current to ensure perfect docking.

The system consists of a joystick that controls the steering input and a GPS-based dynamic positioning antenna. The captain maneuvers the boat with the joystick, informing the system which direction it should head and at what speed. Using the joystick, the software will hold the boat course automatically, adjusting for wind or current drift.

Enhancing the experience of all boat owners, the Assisted Docking system on Absolute boats will have global geographical coverage, from Europe to Asia, the USA and New Zealand, reaching Auckland with Absolute Navetta 58 and Fort Lauderdale with Absolute Navetta 73. Already available for boats with the IPS 10 propulsion system, Volvo Penta and Absolute are already testing the system on boats featuring IPS15 and IPS30, which are already arranged for Assisted Docking on board.

“Our collaboration with Absolute Yachts is an opportunity to test the Assisted Docking system on the entire range of Volvo Penta IPS-powered boats, in line with our Easy Boating philosophy. The goal is to add value to both the shipyard and the end-user by creating a truly integrated system from the propeller through to transmission and throttles,” says Andrea Piccione, Head of Marine Sales for Volvo Penta.

For Europe, Varazze (Italy) will host a special world premiere on 27 – 29 August 2021, when the Absolute 48 Coupé – also equipped with the Volvo Penta Assisted Docking technology – will be unveiled to journalists and a selection of international guests. The latest addition to the Absolute family, 48 Coupé, will also be on display at the Genoa Boat Show and the Cannes Boat Show in September 2021.

“Our dialogue with suppliers is a great source of inspiration, especially strategic ones who share our values and objectives like Volvo Penta. Instead of following trends, we try to analyze and evaluate them, to set an evolutionary trend ourselves”, says Sergio Maggi, founding partner, Vice President and Director of the Absolute R&D department. The Assisted Docking system is clearly one of the solutions that will make it possible for us to meet the latest market needs by leveraging man-machine interaction and driving the shipyard’s evolutionary process.

Alongside the new 48 Coupé, the Cannes Boat Show will be an opportunity to get a first-hand view of the new system installed on the Absolute 47 FLY, destined for Hong Kong, and the Absolute 50 FLY, which will also be on display at the 2022 Mandelieu Show next spring.

For more information, please contact marketing@absoluteyachts.com.