Absolute in a Nutshell….

Here are the facts!

Absolute Yachts is an Italian company known for its luxury yachts, which range from 47 to 75 feet in length, in the Navetta, Flybridge, and Coupé series.

They are celebrated for their Italian design, top-notch materials, and innovative features. Some of their latest models include the Navetta 53 and the Navetta 70.

The company also focuses on sustainability, incorporating solar panel technology into its yachts. Those interested in experiencing Absolute Yachts firsthand can view the various models at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September.

If you’re considering a luxury yacht, Absolute Yachts offers a blend of Italian style, creative independence, and cutting-edge design. Look at what’s on offer: https://www.absoluteyachts.com/en/ and learn why the Absolute company is so successful: https://www.absoluteyachts.com/en/the-company-en/.