Amazing Boat of the Week

If there is a yacht that best personifies the blending of style and technology, it’s the new Absolute Navetta 73 from Absolute.

Step aboard and the jaw-dropping commences. This distance cruiser is clearly built to take on ocean travel and do it with style, comfort, and technology. She truly seems out of character tied to a dock. When underway, she belies the slow trawler mentality with a top speed of 23 knots in her boat test. It’s not hard to see why the Navetta 73 won the Best Innovation Award from the International World Yachts Trophies 2017. She’s dripping with innovation. But wait there’s more – for those of you who want a slightly smaller version, then a new Navetta 68 is to be launched soon as well – talk to us about this superb model as well.