Bali 4.0 Sail Cat

Drawing on the innovations seen on the 4.3 Loft – oversized and entirely open living spaces with forward cockpit and sunbathing area, uniquely self-sufficient in power, meticulously built and at competitive prices – the BALI 4.0 Lounge will complete the BALI Catamarans range, making them accessible to a high number of yachtsmen. And with all the safety and performance you would expect from CATANA. Innovation: Space, opened up and with a panoramic view over the sea

The BALI 4.0 is characterized by a single cockpit / saloon area, entirely flush and unencumbered by bulkheads, accessible via an immense folding glass door on electric rams. So in the blink of an eye you can switch from Cosy mode to Lounge mode, with a panoramic view over the sea… The door is a very simple and effective system and is easy to operate, it is attached with high-grade stainless steel fittings and has no fancy mechanisms that will easily break down and is not electric on the 4.0.

When the door and the huge sliding windows on each side are opened, you effectively sit in an open cockpit. It is an “open” design and the cockpit and living areas are one uninterrupted space. Once the tilting door and side sliding windows are opened up, the space is effectively a huge open aft cockpit.

Relaxation: Sailing and fun in Lounge mode

• A forward cockpit with dining area as well as an immense sunbathing area in place of the traditional trampoline
• Extra living space with sunbathing area on the coach roof

Trampolines on modern designs have become smaller and smaller because with modern lightweight design, netting is not required for weight reduction up front anymore. The Bali has a very unique construction which allows them to create this flat open platform without any obstructions throughout the boat including on the aft deck.

They achieved this by using box sections within the bridge deck. This allowed for the removal of the rear bulkhead structure. This opened up the living space while the solid foredeck further contributed to the stiffness of the boat. The foredeck is not just a flat piece of decking, but is actually part of the bow with box sections, which makes it very buoyant. An integrated bowsprit further strengthens the front section.

If a Bali wants to be delivered on the water it is more than capable of doing so! Offshore capable as well as the ability to cross oceans. As discussed before, the solid foredeck is actually part of the boat. It is not just a flimsy “joint” between hull and deck sections. This allows for much more buoyancy forward than a conventional catamaran.

The solid foredeck is also much stronger structurally as opposed to conventional catamarans with two bows joined by a crossbeam and netting. The forward cockpit on the Bali is an additional cockpit, extremely usable and comfortable when at anchor or underway. Additionally, when sea trials were done with choppy, confused seas, it was found that the forward deck was exceptionally dry because there are no nets.

Comfort: when the interior becomes the exterior. As with its big brothers, the BALI 4.5 Open Space and the BALI 4.3 Loft, the BALI 4.0 enjoys an extraordinary amount of natural light. The large retractable windows bring an unequalled freshness into the saloon as well as a panoramic view. The many hatches in the hulls ensure exceptional natural ventilation.

Its technical equipment will satisfy the most exacting sailors, and then for the most exacting cook, forward is the latest generation fitted galley allowing you to cook with a sea view.

Practical: A unique level of self-sufficiency for a 40 footer With tanks for up to 800 litres of water and 400 litres of diesel, an American-style fridge, an outsized battery bank, all controlled using a multiplexing touch screen with integrated tutorial, the latest generation fitted galley and its light weight (8.6 T), the BALI 4.0 will take you further than you ever dreamed possible.