Getting the shipping right is essential, so our new boats go with CIGISPED

We at Yachtfinders Global Ltd have been importing new boats from Europe for over 26 years.

Getting the shipping right is an essential piece of the importation process, so we’re very lucky to have this taken care of by Francesco Carminati and his impressive team at Cigisped. Their highly specialised personnel and streamlined, dynamic structure allow them to operate quickly, accurately and efficiently and provide the highest quality standards in sea transport, air transport, and land transport.

Francesco is always a pleasure to deal with. Not only is he a great organiser, making the process smooth, but he is also a great friend.

Another Absolute yacht is New Zealand-bound

Francisco is presently loading our new Absolute 48 Coupe bound for New Zealand. The fumigation and partial cover are all completed, and she will soon be ready for loading. We’ll let you know when she arrives and is ready for viewing.

Cigisped is a logistic provider specialising in the shipping of boats, yachts, mega yachts

Cigisped yacht transport operates worldwide and has established itself as a leader in the industry of yacht shipping. The team offers regular yacht transport services from/to Europe from/to Dubai and the region. Their global reach allows them to offer a complete yacht transport service to a wide range of destinations across the globe.

Their history and extensive network in Italy and worldwide let them follow the goods every step of the way. They provide clients with efficient and professional assistance and provide a wide range of services, be it handover, surveying and loading supervision, transport mediation, chartering of highly specialised Ro-Ro (Roll-on/roll-off) ships and Lo-Lo (Lift-on/Lift-off) ships (merchant ships with on-board cranes to load and unload goods). Cigisped’s strength is the presence of its agents in the ports of destination.

The company headquarters is in Genoa, Italy. Cigisped also has representative offices in USA, Asia, and Europe.