For twenty years, the shipyard in Piacenza, Northern Italy, has been a reference point for international boating. Here are the strengths of its luxury yachts.


Absolute Yachts is an Italian company that, since 2002, has been building luxury motor yachts between 47 to 73 feet. Its three ranges—NavettaFlybridge, and Coupé—offer a high level of design and are the result of a completely internal production cycle focused on constant innovation.

Inside the Piacenza shipyard, the construction of luxury yachts revolves around three fundamental ideas: being a stimulus for the market by setting new ambitious goals; being able to surprise shipowners with increasingly higher levels of usability and autonomy; inspiring the shipyard itself in its constant effort to develop innovative models. This ambitious vision aims at combining beauty, design, and performance with other fundamental aspects such as livability, comfort, and safety.


Luxury yachts, Italian design

Thanks to the team of designers and the exquisitely skilled artisanal workers, the design of Absolute luxury yachts is recognized as an excellent example of Made in Italy. Valuable and exclusive characteristics define the exterior lines of all Absolute models. Such details are anything but trivial; the large windows without pillars offer, in fact, unprecedented views from both the salon and the cabins. Every year, this evolving design translates into new and intriguing features. To name a few: the charm of the side gunwales in the Navetta 64, with sea views enjoyable directly from the cockpit; the glazed parapets on the new 60 FLY and 48 Coupé; the solar panels and the side windows that can be widely open to convey the sea breeze inside the living room.


Versatile and livable luxury yachts

“What if you could sail away without ever feeling far from home?”

Beauty and practicality are the two essential requirements that find balance in our engineering and furniture solutions, making a luxury yacht the best premise for a vacation dedicated to family, friends, and total relaxation.

At a structural level, each space is designed to express its maximum potential and be fully enjoyable and exceptionally comfortable, especially when compared to yachts of similar or even greater size. For instance, the sliding doors below deck, the side door in the helm station—designed on all Absolute boats—and the large windows of the cabins and the salon are all remarkable engineering works that result from unique techniques and internal processes.

These luxury yachts express their highest value in usability. For example, their new modular furnishings allow you to configure the cockpit and the fly area according to your needs, the number of guests, and the time of day.


Absolute comfort for exclusive luxury yachts

Aboard the Absolute luxury yachts, accommodation is elevated to a higher level of comfort and elegance. The owner’s cabins become an actual owner’s quarter dedicated to relaxation, placed at the bow to offer maximum tranquility and privacy. These cabins are incomparably livable on every model of the Absolute range and are enriched by tasteful furnishings and refined details.


Luxury Yachts, reduced impact

Absolute makes luxury yachts with reduced environmental impact and solutions for making the boats one with nature. Aboard the new 48 Coupé, when in a roadstead, you can easily support the consumption of music, refrigeration, and other entertainment devices thanks to the solar panels integrated into the roof. At the same time, you will be caressed by the sea breeze in the living room by simply opening the side windows.

Innovation, sustainability, and the desire to transform onboard life have always been at the heart of the shipyard’s vision; however, they get a new face and strength today.

The 2022 nautical season starts having all this in mind. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Cannes Yacht Festival, a preview at the Absolute Weekend in Marina di Varazze revealed the new 60 FLY and 48 Coupé (the first model in the New Absolute Sports range).

These two new boats inherit the highest level of innovation achieved on the 2021 models: the 50 FLY and the award-winning Navetta 64. Moreover, they develop new top-notch features.


Enjoy the view aboard our new luxury yachts

Both on the cockpit and the fly area, the glazed parapets of the Absolute 60 FLY offer unparalleled views, while protecting incredibly roomy spaces, and are customizable with the new modular furnishings. The cockpit has no fixed elements and is configurable according to the actual use, so as to make every moment of the day perfect! Even below deck, the cabins are the ideal place to feel part of the landscape. The shipowner and the VIP cabin have large windows on both sides, obtained thanks to a special gluing match method between hull and deck that offer new solutions of the highest engineering value.