“Generous engineering” is the new paradigm that distinguishes Absolute Yachts’ models and shows them into “open-minded design.” The goal is the creation of a unique and objectively innovative product. It is a pervasive attitude that guides us in realizing and obtaining revolutionary solutions and new opportunities for all Absolute shipowners. This results in features that are usually accessible only on much larger models. The key outstanding characteristics of this generous engineering are driving comfort and complete manoeuvrability that make our yachts stand out on the market.

Generous engineering and technology go hand in hand when one wants to make the yachting experience innovative. Among the others, one example is the EmpirBus automation system that allows the integration of all the onboard system parameters within the GPS Chartplotter displays. Noteworthy are also Raymarine’s Augmented Reality and Volvo Penta’s Dynamic Positioning System and Assisted Docking, all capable of enhancing different technologies and platforms whose synergies prove to be convenient supports for both open water navigation and low-speed manoeuvring.

Developed by Volvo Penta, the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) is a unique technology that automatically maintains the direction and position of the boat. When refuelling or docking, for instance, it is possible to prepare fenders and ropes without haste, while the boat stands still. Available on all Absolute models, the DPS is controlled by software that integrates with Volvo Penta’s EVC electronic platform and operates thanks to the coordination between the GPS and IPS system.

In 2021, the launch of the Assisted Docking, the latest novelty from Volvo Penta, will represent an additional tool for the shipowner to facilitate mooring operations in all conditions.

The visibility of the steering positions on the main deck is certainly among the most appreciated features aboard any Absolute yachts. Thanks to the minimization of pillars in the windshield, which in some cases even completely disappear, the driving helm offers the best steering visibility in all conditions. From the main deck of our boats, the view is uninterrupted thanks to a windshield consisting of a unique element, curved to avoid reflections. Such a panoramic view is even more enjoyable from the ergonomic steering position and can be entirely appreciated both standing and sitting.

Designed to benefit the Absolute’s captains, numerous practical details characterize our boats’ dashboards: built-in air conditioning vents, adjustable and enveloping driving seats with comfortable footrests, and lights that improve visibility when navigating at night. Visibility and comfort are guaranteed also on the fly, thanks to special structural elements that protect the captain in any weather condition.

On all our models, a side door is designed next to the steering position on the main deck. This precious element, elegantly concealed in the glass windows, is extremely functional for boat maneuverability and represents an ideal solution to easily access the walkway. Thanks to the compactness of its pantograph design—which favours both the passage to the bow and the stern—communication with the crew and personnel on the dock is facilitated, allowing for fast and smooth maneuvering and mooring operations.

In case the shipowner chooses to steer an Absolute boat in total autonomy, the shipyard has implemented additional tools in support, such as the installation of additional mooring stations located in strategic points of the boat. At the bow, additional space is dedicated to docking. Perfectly integrated with the wide sunbathing area, it is designed to simplify all mooring operations.

Particular attention is paid to the procedures of boarding and disembarkation of both the crew and guest passengers. For instance, the side access doors are integrated into the pulpit or gunwale, just like on mega yachts, and the swim platforms have retractable ladders for easy access to the water, in any circumstances.

All these elements are part of Absolute’s generous engineering and at the service of our shipowners. The intense research carried out within our shipyard has developed innovative nautical solutions that promote safety, comfort, and practicality. At this point, our goal should be clear: making your yachting experience Absolute.