Electric sunshade in the cockpit – a must-have!

Adding an electric sunshade in the cockpit is a unique and innovative feature, setting Absolute Yachts apart from other models. This feature enhances the comfort and convenience of the cockpit area and adds a touch of luxury, sophistication and privacy to the boating experience.

The sunshade allows for effortless adjustment of shade levels, providing optimal protection from the sun’s glare, heat, and privacy while allowing passengers to enjoy the surrounding views. This feature caters to the needs of modern boaters who seek both functionality and style in their vessels.

Furthermore, the fact that Absolute Yachts prides itself on leading rather than following the competition demonstrates a commitment to innovation and excellence. By continuously introducing new and inventive features like the electric sunshade, Absolute Yachts reinforces its position as a forward-thinking industry leader dedicated to enhancing the boating experience for its customers. Better never stop with Absolute!