Revolutionary choices and innovative solutions. Aboard Absolute’s motor yachts, details are not the only thing that stands out.

On the one hand, in the production of our luxury motor yachts, attention to detail is undoubtedly a fundamental requirement. Their thorough design takes into account several levels: the technical one that hinges on the high level of engineering; the technological one, continuously and quickly evolving; and that of the familiarity desired by the owners when they think about their boat. On the other, attention to detail is only one of the sides of our production process. Building high-level motorboats require a contextual approach that includes a mix of exact design decisions, innovative choices, and constant collaboration with partners and suppliers.

Motoryacht and engineering

Each of our choices aims at a single purpose: the complete satisfaction of both the shipowner and the guests. This can only be achieved through the realization of motorboats of the highest engineering quality.

The absence of constructive compromises makes every design choice a strength for the shipyard, which is constantly committed to developing and evolving each model in comparison to the previous ones.

Successful choices often start with bold and resourceful decisions. For instance, the placement of the master cabin at the bow, a spacious and private area surrounded by panoramic windows without pillars, may seem normal from an external eye but it has been very challenging. The coupling of the hull/deck is the result of advanced research carried out by the designers of Absolute Yachts’ technical office.

Similarly, the sliding doors below the deck of Absolute’s motor yachts offer lots of room and improve the hallways, which are often narrow and uncomfortable on competitors’ boats.

A complete novelty for motor yachts “below 24 meters:” Navetta 64’s Beach Club

Absolute creates mega-yacht solutions even on motorboats ranging from 47 to 73 feet. Engineering interventions, such as the Beach Club aboard the Navetta 64, are true revolutions for motor yachts of this size. We thought of an elegant and cozy environment: perfect for both entertainment and relaxation in complete privacy.

From the door of the Beach Club, one enters an actual VIP cabin, which is a truly groundbreaking element for motorboats of this size. Absolute wanted to offer the guests of the Beach Club a wide panoramic view that can be enjoyed all day long, as well as a spacious entrance opening. At the same time, similar solutions haven’t reduced the level of safety in all weather conditions and especially during navigation. Consequently, the front door was turned into a work of high engineering. Fully glazed and a certified watertight door with a pneumatic seal. At rest the door is waterproof, but the seal expands during navigation, adhering to the metal frame and becoming completely watertight

Technology on Absolute’s motorboats

Aboard Absolute’s yachts, technology is developed for maximum efficiency, simplicity, and in order not to be cumbersome.

For example, our compact and modern dashboards are equipped with all the necessary technology to be safe and completely autonomous. Moreover, we often actively collaborate with our partners in the pre-launch stages of innovative technological products. By doing so, they can test their products aboard our boats. In this way, technology becomes the shipowner’s best friend and, thanks to the thorough planning of Absolute’s motor yachts, increases the pleasure of navigating in complete freedom and control. This goal has been achieved with specific studies and smart engineering choices.

Among the specific studies that have developed our innovative solutions, we cannot but mention the windshield of the Navetta 64. Consisting of a single element that completely covers the entire width of the salon, this windshield has been curved to ensure maximum safety, avoid misleading reflections, and never hinder the view.

Motoryacht and comfort

Absolute technology and innovation are based on know-how and a design that are recognizable in all our motor yachts. These choices go hand in hand with comfort. Think, for instance, to the ergonomic air conditioning systems or to the cutting-edge audio and video entertainment systems. Thanks to these solutions you will be able to have fun in the salon and enjoy yourself in the privacy of your cabin.

Our know-how and attention to detail characterize also the engine rooms, designed to enhance practicality, maintenance, and control. Equipped with high-level features and extremely technological, the engine rooms of our boats benefit from double insulation instead of a single one. This is another achievement of the collaboration between Absolute Yachts’ designers and architects.