European boats built to CE safety survey

Since we started Yachtfinders Global in 1996, we have chosen the best boat brands to represent: seaworthy, innovative, great performers, well-designed, economical and safe. The Absolute range of boats encompasses all these features; they perform well in all sea conditions and ride through the sea very smoothly and economically, unlike the Australian brands that ‘push’ through the water rather than ‘glide.’ So, it was somewhat surprising to hear again comments made at the Auckland Boatshow from our Australian competitors that Absolute boats are not built for NZ conditions. See for yourself by contacting us to find out more.

  • CE CLASS A yachts are designed for large sea voyages (everywhere), in which wind force may exceed 8 on the scale of BEAUFORT and waves can also exceed a significant height of 4 meters. These yachts are designed largely to be self-sufficient in this rather hostile environment. CAREFUL, in most cases, this is only theoretical.
  • CE CLASS B yachts are designed to travel off the coast (200 miles or less) in which the winds can be up to force 8 (not exceeding) and waves can reach a height up to 4 meters (not exceeding).
  • CE CLASS C boats are designed for travel close to the coasts and in large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers in which winds can be up to force 6 (not exceeding) and waves may reach a height of 2 meters (not exceeding).
  • CE CLASS D boats are designed for cruises in protected waters, like small lakes, rivers and canals in which the winds can be up to force 4 and waves can reach a height up to 0.30 meter (less than 1 foot).