Selene Owners’ Rendezvous

The Selene Owners’ Rendezvous in Roche Harbor, Seattle, USA, was a magnificent gathering where 36 Selene yachts converged, their bows slicing through the cerulean waters. Imagine the scene:

🌊 Harbor Whispers 🌊

In the heart of Roche Harbor, where the sea meets the sky, Selene yachts danced to a silent symphony. Their hulls, polished by salt and sun, bore the stories of countless voyages—of storms weathered and sunsets embraced.

  1. The Gathering:
    • Sunrise: The harbour stirred as the first rays kissed the water. Yachts glided in, their crews donning Selene-blue caps.
    • Dockside Banter: Owners exchanged tales about the rogue wave off Cape Horn, the midnight dolphins, and the elusive mermaid sightings.
    • Navigators’ Huddle: Charts unfurled, they traced routes for the days ahead—the Selene spirit: adventure, camaraderie, and reverence for the sea.
  2. The Fleet:
    • Selene 62 Ocean Express: Sleek and purposeful, she stood tall—a beacon of exploration. Her bow, like a compass needle, pointed toward distant horizons.
    • Selene 92 Expedition Yacht: A floating palace, her decks adorned with laughter and clinking glasses. Crews polished stainless steel, and guests marvelled at the jacuzzi’s view.
    • Selene 128 Ocean Explorer: Majestic and resolute, she dwarfed the docks. Her crew, seasoned and salt-kissed, welcomed fellow seafarers.
  3. Sunset Soiree:
    • Lanterns Aglow: As twilight painted the sky, lanterns flickered on deck. The scent of grilled seafood mingled with tales of moonlit crossings.
    • Silent Toast: Glasses raised, they honoured Selene’s legacy—the spirit of adventure passed from hull to hull.
    • Starry Night: Constellations whispered secrets, and the Selene fleet slept, dreaming of distant shores.

And so, in Roche Harbour’s embrace, Selene owners became custodians of the sea. Their yachts, vessels of wonder, sailed beyond the horizon, leaving ripples in their wake.


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