Fractional Ownership on the up and up

It’s now 23 years since we’ve been introducing buyers to buyers and marrying them up in boat ownership. Many love the idea of sharing  while others won’t consider it at all.

Those who love it enjoy the fact that they can share the purchase price, the marina costs, the maintenance costs, the upgrades, the cleaning costs, and the time on the boat – while others would prefer to ‘go it alone’.

For those who do decide to share, it’s most successful when they don’t know each other! Surprising but true. The owners use the Yachtfinders Global ownership contract making their responsibilities  patently clear covering everything from usage times to selling a share. 2, 3 or 4  shares work best allowing plenty of time on the boat for everyone – and no management fee requirement as it can be easily managed between themselves. If the numbers are greater then management of the partnership is required and yes, you guessed it – the price increases significantly!

Talk to us how we can make it happen for you!