Introducing the Selene 62 Ocean Clipper

Fresh off the press.

Exciting news is surfacing from the realm of luxury boating, promising to infuse new energy into the seafaring community! Yacht Finders Global, in collaboration with Jet-Tern Marine, is thrilled to unveil a sensational new entrant in their esteemed Selene Ocean Clipper line – the formidable Selene 62 Ocean Clipper. This innovative creation aims to redefine the standards of comfort and style for those seeking to buy a yacht.

As the leading platform for yacht enthusiasts worldwide, YachtFindersGlobal.com continually strives to satisfy their discerning clientele with high-quality offerings. This latest addition, the Selene 62 Ocean Clipper, perfectly embodies the commitment of Yacht Finders Global to uphold the best in boating design and technology.

Classic or Vertical Bow?

Offering Classic and Vertical Bow options, this novel yacht model caters to different aesthetic preferences, giving customers a chance to personalise their maritime experience. The choice between the classic elegance of a traditional bow and the modern, sleek design of a vertical one allows prospective buyers to shape their yacht into a reflection of their personality and taste. These diverse design options exemplify how Yacht Finders Global extends its ‘tailored-to-you’ approach even to the finest details.

Classic bow

Vertical Bow

More speed!

But design isn’t all this impressive yacht has to offer. Equipped with a cruising speed of 18 knots, the Selene 62 Ocean Clipper guarantees not just an enjoyable, but also an efficient boating experience. Whether you desire a serene voyage across tranquil waters or an exhilarating adventure over turbulent seas, this yacht ensures a top-notch performance. Its optimal speed highlights the commitment of Yacht Finders Global and Jet-Tern Marine to offer a fine blend of luxury and efficiency for those looking to buy a yacht.

Want to get your hands on one?

The unveiling of the Selene 62 Ocean Clipper has generated waves of anticipation among boating enthusiasts and the clientele of Yacht Finders Global. Many are eagerly awaiting the chance to explore the boundless beauty of the seas aboard this stunning addition to the luxury boating world. We are equally excited about this new model and are committed to keeping you updated with the latest news and insights.

Stay tuned to YachtFindersGlobal.com for further updates and detailed specifications about the Selene 62 Ocean Clipper. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone considering buying a yacht for the first time, we invite you to join this exhilarating journey with us. Allow the Selene 62 Ocean Clipper to inspire your nautical adventures and transform your seafaring dreams into reality with Yacht Finders Global.

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