Jet Tern Marine and Selene Expand Due To Worldwide Growth In Demand for Luxury Yachts

Jet Tern Marine succeeds in going where other yacht manufacturers have not

It has established itself as the largest builder of yachts in China. Jet-Tern Marine designs and builds the Selene Ocean Trawlers, Artemis Motor Yachts, Apollo Catamarans and custom and contract yacht building at the shipyards located in Dongguan and Zhuhai, China. These yachts are made available through a worldwide network of dealers.

In 1998 Jet Tern Marine opened its first shipyard in Dong Guan China.

In 2003 Jet Tern Marin opened its second shipyard 120 000 m² in Zhu Hai China.

New facilities for Jet Tern Marine

Now, Jet-Tern Marine has signed with the construction company to build a new production facility, which is 38000 square meters. It is an advanced technology manufacturing factory and the estimated date of completion is September 2024. The high-tech facilities include 3D Printing, CNC, Air Conditioning, a Dustless Environment, vacuum Resin Infusion, Carbon Fiber Heating System, Cranes, and Special Warehouse. The new factory is located at the same site as the current Zhuhai Selene Shipyard.

This expanding facility will ensure Jet-Tern Marine complies with the requirements of the local government. It will also ensure Jet-Tern Marine can meet the increased business from the support of all dealers. Four new production lines will be set up. These will include the new Selene 62 Clipper semi-displacement and the Selene 80 Ocean Explorer.

To meet the increase the production and sales, the production target is 40-50 boats of an average 56-60 feet per year. There is also a beautiful new yacht marina in the Selene Shipyard, along the fantastic scenery of the riverbank. This new marina will allow for 30 berths. It also provides the convenience of sea trial and outfitting as well as the mooring berth for the yachts.

Jet Tern Marine is looking forward to synergy and teamwork with all Selene Dealers for a successful 2024!!

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