Semco Teak Furniture Care


By choosing teak you have selected the finest, most durable material available for outdoor furniture. SEMCO Teak Products will help protect your investment and enhance its natural beauty.

Teak with the beauty of its grain, rich colour, and timeless durability is treasured as the best-suited wood for use aboard boats, as decking on ships, and as the choice material for premiere outdoor furniture. However, these uses present the harshest of environments. Over time the elements will cause surface erosion, discolouration, mildew, greying, roughness and checking. The desire to prevent this ravage of the elements without becoming a “teak slave” gave rise to SEMCO Teak Care Products.

Because of teak’s natural resistance to rotting and insects, there are several options in caring for your furniture:

If you prefer to retain the natural, honey colour of the new wood, then seal your furniture with SEMCO Teak Care Products.

If you prefer a weathered grey look, then do nothing. Only under perfect circumstances will the teak weather to an even grey colour. Over time the wood will become rough in texture and the natural oils will be depleted causing cracks along the grain.

If the teak is weathered, stained or develops mildew it can always be restored using SEMCO Teak Cleaner.