Spade Anchor

The patented design of the Spade anchor has placed over 50% of its weight in its nose so it always lands nose down regardless of how it falls.  Its chisel like angle and heavy tip allows maximum penetration, and as its name suggests, it digs in deeply, even in difficult sea beds.  Once landed, the convex design of the head diverts the weight from the seabed back to the front of the anchor.  In tests, developer Sea Tech and Fun, USA, has shown the Spade anchor can keep hold even in a 360 degree turn without coming unset and resetting itself.

The shank of the Spade anchor is removable.  Held together by a non-load bearing pin the two pieces can be stored separately for space saving when not in use, on long cruises, for example, or when the yacht is on the slip.  Equally, the Spade sits snugly on a bow roller, presenting a rounded forward surface and can be used with any type of anchor line.

The Spade anchor is manufactured in three materials and ten sizes but the efficiency is the same regardless of the material chosen. The steel and aluminium models both come with a bright yellow tip making it easy to visually check the anchor when it has been set.  A more aesthetic, polished stainless steel model is also available.

For further information contact local distributors: Yachtfinders Global, Unit 1/1 Westhaven Dr, Westhaven, Auckland.  Tel: +64 9 377 3328, Mob: +64 21 477 306, Email: info@yachtfindersglobal.co.nz