In these days of great concern and suffering for our country, and for many others in the world, we have read contradictory and often misinformed news in the media, and in word of mouth that spontaneously involves us. In all this confusion, our thoughts turn to those who belong to the Absolute family, our collaborators, our dealers, our suppliers and consultants, those who – with a word sometimes abused – are the real stakeholders of Absolute.

Absolute would like to thank all of you, all those who have worked and are working for – and with – Absolute, while their souls are certainly troubled. Your dedication is important to us, a gesture of vitality and not just survival, especially when being vital and dynamic is the best commitment to live and give life, to your company, to your families, to society and to the country.

This may seem, indeed it may be a rhetorical vision, and perhaps it would be in conditions of “normality”: but today the country is crossed by complex problems, whose solution is not given in a single “pill”, in a single decision or action, but that can only be built with the tenacious and incessant work of many, of all. This is where the gestures of everyday life make the difference.

Absolute does not produce goods essential to people’s subsistence. But Absolute, like any other healthy, balanced and honest company, is itself a subsistence good for the country, in its own small way – we mean, but with the awareness that it is the many small raindrops that swell the rivers. And this good, the existence and flourishing of Absolute, and of all its stakeholders – as well as the existence and flourishing of every other small/big company that is healthy, balanced and honest – is a good that the country deserves, our fellow citizens, our family members deserve it.

But there is more. Just in the dark moments in the life of a community – and today this community is the entire humankind – what makes us human and what motivates all our actions for the common good are precisely the so-called “superfluous” things, our cultural identity, art, poetry, music, and it is their inessentiality that identifies us as human, European, Italian, “Piacentini”.

In the fight against a devious and invisible enemy like a virus, the strongest motivation after individual survival is precisely the preservation of identity: we are here, we are here and we will stay here, also to listen to Verdi, to see Brunelleschi, to read Leopardi, to taste a good Gutturnio, and also to admire a yacht that cruises our sea.

That’s why we thank all of you members of the Absolute family, our collaborators, dealers, suppliers and consultants: because in our small way we can keep alive a part of our precious Italy, a part that we proudly like to flag as “made in Italy”.

Thank you, from the deep of our hearts.
Absolute SpA.