The most beautiful motorboats and yachts under 24 m

Absolutely every Selene trawler yacht deserves to be on this list. But the range of boats from this shipyard is too large to include all of them. Therefore, after consulting briefly, we decided to limit ourselves to one of the culmination models: Ocean Explorer 72.

Generally speaking, when we see any trawler, we want to run around and wag our tail, but when we see the Selene trawler, we instantly fall into a meditative state of contemplation.

One thought on “The most beautiful motorboats and yachts under 24 m

  1. Gary says:

    The Selene 72 is renowned for its ocean-going capabilities and is highly regarded among trawler enthusiasts for its seaworthiness and comfort. Its spacious interior, robust construction, and long-range cruising abilities make it an excellent choice for adventurers exploring the world’s oceans in style and comfort. Whether navigating coastal waters or crossing vast oceans, the Selene 72 offers reliability and performance that inspire confidence in any journey.

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