Tourist Delivery

The process of purchasing a boat and using it in Europe through a tourist delivery service is an exciting one. So how can Yachtfinders Global help in making this a smooth process?

  1. Tourist Delivery Service: Yachtfinders Global offers a service where customers can order a new boat and have it delivered in Europe. This allows customers to use the boat in Europe for a certain period before shipping or sailing it back to New Zealand.
  2. EU Regulations and VAT: There are strict EU laws regarding the temporary importation of boats. Yachtfinders Global stays up to date with these regulations to ensure customers don’t encounter issues with Value Added Tax (VAT), which is approximately 20%.
  3. Depreciation and Taxes: The boat depreciates each year it is used in Europe. When brought back to New Zealand, taxes such as duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) are paid on its depreciated value.
  4. Sail Backs and Shipping: Some boats may be sailed back after the tourist delivery period ends. Yachtfinders Global can also arrange shipping for customers when ready to return their boats to New Zealand.
  5. Experience in Europe and the Caribbean: Yachtfinders Global highlights the opportunity for customers to explore Europe and the Caribbean using their boats. They have extensive contacts built over 27 years of European operation to assist with problems.
  6. Restrictions on EU Presence: Due to regulations, buyers cannot physically step on the boat before it leaves the EU. Yachtfinders Global arranges for the boat to leave the EU and then hands it over to the customer outside the EU before it can return.

So, all in all, Yachtfinders Global offers a comprehensive service for New Zealand customers wishing to explore European waters with their boats while navigating the complexities of EU regulations and taxes.