What’s so exciting about the Absolute 48 Coupe

Ah, the Absolute 48 Coupe! A beautiful motor yacht indeed. Enjoy exploring some of its exciting features below. This boat will leave its mark and is destined to change the balance of the market. Competitors should start to worry: 🛥️

  1. Virtual Tour: If you haven’t already, you can take a virtual tour of the 48 Coupe from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Explore its spaces and experience the uniqueness of an Absolute yacht.
  2. Open Saloon: The large saloon windows on the 48 Coupe can be opened electronically, allowing you to enjoy the breeze inside. It’s a clever design feature allows you to stay connected to the outdoors while maintaining comfort. Imagine sitting in the saloon, watching the outside vista, and feeling the fresh air. 😊
  3. Modularity and Flexibility: The 48 Coupe offers impressive flexibility for a sub-50-foot production boat—a smaller boat that thinks it’s a superyacht! Newly designed modular cockpit furniture offers a relaxing ambience, providing a ‘terrace’ that overlooks the sea. The furniture can be configured to suit. With a privacy sunscreen that covers the entire cockpit, it offers more living space to enjoy than any other boat of this size. The bow provides another relaxing area and has the option of sun shade.
  4. Green Functionality: The hard top has transparent solar panels to reduce the need for the generator and decrease emissions and noise. Not only is it functional, but its design in the saloon ceiling is a work of art.
  5. European Powerboat Award: The 48 Coupe received recognition at the European Powerboat Awards. Absolute Yachts combines ground-breaking design with masterful boat building, and the solar power system makes this boat almost self-sufficient,t even at anchor.

Wait, there’s more………. You can watch a review of the Absolute 48 Coupe on The Boat Show’s YouTube channel.

Enjoy your boat experience!