To say that the Absolute factory is run like a well-oiled machine would be an understatement as it is truly a masterpiece of manufacturing.

-Automation allows the Absolute factory to operate nearly 24/7 even while the 250+/- employees are home.
-C&C machines perfectly cut all subframes for the interior of the boat, while the parts are loaded bin by bin through a computer attached to a gigantic vending machine for everything from screws and bolts to hinges and doorknobs, to refrigerators and dishwashers.
-Attention to detail is noticed by all the craftsmen that share the pride of building Absolute Yachts.
-Separate climate-controlled buildings for laying fibreglass and spraying gel coat, which have industrial exhausts that pull all dust, humidity and particles from the air, keep the conditions exactly the same in the snowiest winter and hottest summer.
-This level of efficiency along with the pride and knowledge held by all craftsmen leave your Absolute Yacht standing tall at the end of the line.