Be your own captain

This is our new Selene 62 Ocean Explorer, designed by Howard Chen and Guido de Groot… Can you be your own captain at the helm of this beauty? The answer is yes… Almost 500 owners have built their Selene since 1999, many of them being repeat customers… And all of these Selene yachts are sailing on the Seven Seas from Borneo to Anchorage… Yes, you too can be your own captain ! 

Safety and range

We build dream machines because we are dreamers as much as our customers, but on the other hand, we are also realistic… We know very well that the world is changing…  We know that we must take care of Mother Earth… A low carbon footprint, fuel economy and safety are on our list of concerns… The new 62 Ocean Explorer has it all, beauty, top of the range marine technology, range, comfort, safety and reliability… Whether a yacht for two or for a family, a Selene can take her crew beyond the horizon in style. Behind the modern sleek and curvy lines our new 62 Ocean Explorer is a powerful blue-water passage maker ready for any ocean of the world as well as a luxury floating home.

Two Selene 62, three Selene 60, a Selene 72 and a Selene 88 are currently under construction at our shipyard, but we still have space for new orders! If you want to know more about this beautiful Selene 62 Ocean Explorer, contact our dealers if there is one in your country or our International Sales Department if there is no dealer close to you at info@seleneoceanyachts.com