On the drawing board – Selene 62 Clipper promises an improved yachting experience

The new Selene 62 Clipper yacht is currently in development, and it has undergone successful tank testing to evaluate its performance. This yacht offers a blend of luxury and functionality and features a unique “Dual Speed Hull design.” Here are some key points about this yacht:

he new Selene 62 Ocean Clipper

• Stability at Low Speed:

The yacht remains stable at low speeds, which is important for various activities, including leisurely cruising and anchoring.

• Less Resistance at High Speed:

The design reduces resistance at high speeds, allowing the yacht to reach planning speed with less power. This translates to improved fuel efficiency and faster cruising.

Tank Testing:

The Selene 62 Clipper recently underwent tank testing at the South China University of Technology. This testing is crucial in assessing the vessel’s performance in various conditions.

Design Inspiration:

Howard Chen and his design and technical teams inspired this yacht’s design. It represents a semi-displacement vessel that can provide an elevated Selene lifestyle experience.

Interior Luxury:

The interior of the Selene 62 Clipper will offer a high level of luxury, consistent with the standard of all Selene yachts. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for passengers.

Engine Room:

The engine room is designed for ease of maintenance and service, essential for keeping the yacht in optimal condition.

Engine Options:

The yacht can have twin 715 to 1,000 hp engines from brands like Cummins, CAT, or MAN. These engines allow for a speed range of 22 to 27 knots and a more fuel-efficient displacement speed of 10 knots, suitable for long-distance travel.

Dual Speed Hull Design:

The yacht features a “Dual Speed Hull design,” a unique and innovative hull design. This design combines different hull shapes and streamlines innovations to achieve two key benefits:

Towing Tank Testing:

Models of the hull, at a 1/10 scale, were successfully tested in a towing tank at up to 28 knots. This testing confirms the effectiveness of the Dual Speed Hull design in practice.

Innovative Design:

The Dual Speed Hull design is a result of two years of research by Howard Chen and his Taiwanese naval architectural team, with input from Dr. Wang of South China University of Technology. It will offer a unique and efficient hull design for Selene semi-displacement yachts.

Multiple Applications:

This innovative hull design is not limited to the Selene 62 Clipper but will be used in several different Selene semi-displacement yachts, indicating the commitment to applying advanced technology and design across the Selene yacht lineup.

The Selene 62 Clipper is an exciting addition to the Selene yacht family.

It features a luxurious interior and an innovative Dual Speed Hull design that provides stability at low speeds and increased efficiency at high speeds. This design results from a collaboration between Howard Chen, his team, and experts from the South China University of Technology. It promises an improved yachting experience and fuel savings for long-distance cruising.