What makes Absolute Yachts so luxuriously different

Absolute Yachts distinguishes itself in the market by prioritizing and maximizing the use of space and light in their boats. The Absolute 47 Fly, stands out due to its spacious and well-lit design when compared to other boats in its class. This focus on providing ample space and natural light creates a more comfortable and luxurious experience for passengers.

Size is simply not everything

The claim that a competitive boat would need at least 55 feet to match the space of the Absolute 47 Fly suggests that Absolute Yachts is dedicated to offering a superior spatial experience relative to its competitors in the same size range. This commitment to optimising interior space can enhance passengers’ comfort, making the yachting experience more enjoyable.

Absolute 47 Flybridge is a luxurious yacht with spacious living areas, 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, and top-notch performance.

With wide and comfortable exteriors and an additional cockpit with a table in the bow, the new Absolute 47 Fly has nothing to envy many flybridge models of a bigger size.

It’s more about comfort

Space and comfort are significant factors for potential buyers in the yachting industry. The design philosophy of Absolute Yachts is what sets them apart. It attracts customers looking for size, comfort, and aesthetics in their vessels. Potential buyers must consider these features alongside other factors, such as performance, technology, and craftsmanship when evaluating different yacht options.

The Absolute 47 is undoubtedly an excellent package for a family or a couple who want to host guests regularly. Six adults could certainly spend a week on board and not get beneath each others’ feet. The Absolute 47 is a very impressive all-rounder and a solid example of how usable a small flybridge can be.

The highest standard of finishing is typical of this Italian shipyard. The innovative design perfectly embodies Absolute Yachts’ spirit, offering comfortable wide spaces and powerful technology that can unquestionably take you anywhere in total safety.