The Spade anchor digs in and doesn’t drag: secure anchorage instantly

Your anchor is the main component keeping your boat secure. You must be able to quickly drop your anchor to the seabed to provide secure anchorage for the vessel and crew immediately.

Spade anchor features

Our Spade anchor features a honed tip that holds 50% of the total anchor weight, enabling it to always fall to the seabed the correct way up and dig in as soon as it touches the bottom. A unique triangular (patented) and shank (patented) ballast chamber ensures the SPADE anchor instantly finds the optimum angle. The Spade digs in the second it lands the seabed. 50% of the anchor’s weight is directly allied onto the tip.

The anchor digs itself in even before the boat’s anchor ride pulls on it. The more honed and heavy the tip and the sharper the tool, the quicker it can dig into the seabed.

This clever anchor offers constant and maximum resistance to dragging even when the traction force exceeds the bottom holding characteristics. Unlike a plough or flat anchor, the Spade anchor remains buried without cyclic behaviour. It keeps on holding, and it does not drag, providing secure anchorage.

Spade anchors come in 3 materials and 30 sizes.

Spade anchor comes in 3 materials (steel, stainless steel and aluminium) to meet the boating market’s needs. It comes in 30 different sizes to suit all boats: sailing boats, catamarans, trimarans, yachts, super yachts, outboards, rigid inflatables and more.

Steel and stainless-steel anchors are intended for the primary anchorage, while aluminium anchors are recommended for secondary and emergency anchorages.

For multihulls, you must opt for one size above the anchor size recommended for the equivalent weight and size of a monohull boat.

Secure anchorage when you need it.

Regardless of the material used, our anchors deliver greater effectiveness and performance. See the team at Yachts Finders Global about secure anchorage for your vessel.

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