The New Selene 62 Express

The Selene 62 Express is a prestigious yacht that combines elegance, range, and luxury. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable vessel: 

  1. Design and Features
  • The Selene 62 Express boasts sleek lines and softer aesthetics, a departure from the classic Selene look. 
  • Key features include: 
  • Powerful Raised Pilothouse: Offering excellent visibility for navigation. 
  • Portuguese Bridge: Enhancing safety and facilitating movement around the deck. 
  • Wide Upper Deck: Providing space for outdoor enjoyment. 
  • Side-Deck Walk-Arounds: Ensuring convenience for passengers of all ages. 
  • Large Side Windows in the Hull: Allowing natural light to flood the interior. 
  • Curvy and Sleek Lines on the Flying Bridge: A modern touch. 
  1. Specifications
  • LOA (Length Overall): 68 feet 10 inches (20.98 meters) 
  • LWL (Length at Waterline): 60 feet (18.28 meters) 
  • Beam: 18 feet 8 inches (5.69 meters) 
  • Draft: 6 feet 5 inches (1.95 meters) 
  • Displacement: 143,000 pounds (64,800 tons) 
  • Fuel Capacity: 2,400 US gallons (9,000 liters) 
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 600 US gallons 
  • Power: Twin John Deere 4045AFM engines (85-225 HP) 
  • Top Speed: 22 knots (cruising speed at 16 knots) 
  1. Interior Comfort
  • The climate-controlled salon offers panoramic views of the surrounding nature. 
  • Accommodations include: 
  • Luxurious Full-Beam Owner’s Cabin 
  • Two Guest Cabins 
  • Crew’s Cabin with Private Head 
  • Large Swimming Platform with Optional Hydraulic Tenderlift
  1. Ocean Exploration
  • The Selene 62 Express is designed for longer distances between ports and varied adventures in any condition. 
  • Whether cruising through the Northern Hemisphere’s cold waters or exploring tropical paradises, this yacht promises style and performance. 

For more information, contact Yachtfinders Global at info@yachtfindersglobal.com. Set sail beyond the horizon—the ocean awaits!